Sunday, 3 August 2014

Day 8- Safely at camp!

It's nice to finally say that we didn't have an absolutely crazy day! We had a quick hour bus ride to our camp that's located in the beautiful Pielachtal Valley.  There will be many pictures throughout the week!  Once we got here the kids took full advantage of the hotel outdoor pool and trampoline. It was nice just to have some much deserved fun time.  I must admit I didn't get many pictures, mostly because I was worried about the safety of my iPad near the pool- and we were all on lifeguard duty. I also had a blast in the pool! 

The rest of the day was very relaxing as the kids had free time within the hotel.  We're just taking a breather from our hectic schedule, and it was much appreciated.  Tomorrow is the first day of camp! We are so excited for the kids to experience this camp with the all the wonderful staff that will be working with them.  They will take away so much- and I don't think they realize how much fun it will be!

I snapped a few shots at dinner.. Many smiling faces and full bellies.

Until tomorrow!


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