Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 5

Hey parents!

Sorry for the late post- the wifi at the hotel stops working around 8pm because so many people are on it, which makes it hard to blog at the end of the day.

Yesterday morning was very relaxing (for me anyway) as the kids had free shopping time with their chaperones.  My mom and I had 2 hours of marvellous time without any children. It was lovely, and I think everyone else enjoyed the quieter time. 

We had a call time of 2:30pm to be at the Golden Hall for the final concert of the peace festival. We got to sing again on the stage with hundreds of people watching. We also go a surprise performance from the Vienna Boy's Choir. It was amazing! The kids were very excited. They also got another surprise when the Vienna Boy's Choir stood RIGHT behind them during the mass choir pieces. It was amazing to watch and listen to hundreds of children singing on the stage of the Musikverein. 

After leaving the hall, we quickly made our way to another venue for a quick concert with a choir from Beijing. We were asked if we'd join this choir in another concert as they were not allowed to perform in the Golden Theatre; some political reason or another...
It turned out to be so much fun! We received a special certificate that has joined the two choirs together as sister-choirs.  We performed 20 minutes each and then had time to exchange gifts and make new friends.

..there was even a resident dog at he concert venue.

Waiting to hear our new sister choir sing.

I even made a new friend along the way. A little brother of two of our singers! Cute hey? ;)

Then we sang almost all of the songs we knew. It was nice to hear new repertoire! 

The two choirs then came together in song, singing one of the mass choir pieces.  It was so beautiful.

After a very long day, the kids once again pulled through and made it home in one piece.  We are so beyond proud of them.  They have grown as musicians, performers, travellers and people!  I couldn't ask for a better group to travel with! 

Today we leave for Salzburg on bus. For those of you who don't know, Salzburg is the home of The Sound of Music! We will be having a great time as we wait for the camp to start on Monday.

I will try to blog as soon as I can, stay tuned :)


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